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informal term for a destroyer

airtight sealed metal container for food or drink or paint etc

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Tin Can Titans: The Heroic Men and Ships of World War It's Most Decorated Navy Destroyer Squadron
They fired 25 rounds, shooting at rabbits on the hill behind the home and at tin cans lined up on a wall in the garden.
A traveller at heart, Schocken draws inspiration from an escalator in Hong Kong, a suspension bridge in India, tin cans in a Middle East desert or a meeting room in China.
Baling tin cans began as a nuisance-abatement activity.
For younger pre-menopausal women, working in factories producing plastic components for cars or tin cans increased the risk five-fold.
Two tenders for the supply of (a) different size tin cans, also (b) 1 Kg size tin cans.
from Italy is one of the leading providers of packaging solutions in glass jars and tin cans for a wide range of products such as pickles, creams, sauces and jams.
Morphy Richards' multifunction can opener not only makes light work of tin cans but also tackles ring pulls, twist caps, bottle caps and plastic packaging.
Drill holes for drainage if you're using large tin cans as patio containers.
Tin-free steel can is an alternative to open top sanitary tin cans (OTS) and aluminium cans, which have disadvantages like high price of the container, imperfect lacquer coating, discolouration of the product, dissolution of metals in the food upon storage and resultant development of metallic taste in the product.
Years ago, it was either glass or tin cans for olive oil, and plastic simply was not accepted,'' notes Mark Coleman, vice president, Retail division for Ayer, Mass.
In a 100-yard walk I collected 200 plastic bottles and tin cans and took them to be recycled.
I'd spent so much time building my 10/22 to shoot through the same hole that I forgot what it was like to plink at tin cans when I was a kid.
They saved money in tin cans under their mattresses to help ensure they had an emergency fund if the unexpected occurred.
A resin coating containing BPA allows tin cans to be heated to kill off bugs without the metal contaminating food.