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a town in central Algeria in the Atlas Mountains

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Sonatrach has built a pipeline, GR3, carrying the gas produced from Timimoun to Algeria's main distribution hub of Hassi R'Mel, in central Algeria.
In Timimoun we might speculate that Yacine encountered the Algerian Bilali brotherhood of the Sidi Bilal, who were perhaps Black, and self-identified as "Gnawa," though literature associates this term with Moroccans.
Other towns in Saharan Algeria which are popular tourist destinations include Hassi-Messaoud, Touggourt, Chenachene, Djanet, El Golea, Reggane, Timimoun and Tindouf.
Project Location : Timimoun and Adrar, Algeria Details : A joint venture between Total (37.
Gaz de France (GdF) Suez, which operates the Touat concession, and Total which operates the Timimoun permit, and Repsol/YPF of Spain which operates the Reggane Nord block, submitted development plans to Sonatrach in October 2008, but progress has since been stalled by disagreement over the price at which the gas produced from the fields should be sold.
Reggane and Timimoun basins covering some 30,000 square kilometres (sq km).
In Algeria, an exploration contract was awarded to Shell in the Reggane and Timimoun basins covering some 30,000 square kilometres (sq km).
I approached Timimoun (translated into French by the author), then, with understandable eagerness.
I expect (hope) Lo go from here to Oujda, thence to Colomb-Bechar, and from there to Taghit, Igli, Beni-Abbes, Timimoun.
CGGVeritas (Paris:GA) (NYSE:CGV) announced today that it is set to resume land seismic acquisition operations in Algeria after the award of a 3D Vibroseis survey by Groupement Timimoun (GTIM), a joint venture between Sonatrach, Total EP Algerie and CEPSA.
En attendant ces resultats, la course se poursuivait hier a travers le deroulement de la 3e etape du rallye [beaucoup moins que] Sahari international [beaucoup plus grand que] entre El Menea et Timimoun, sur une distance de 250 km, en pistes et dunes.
Cepsa has eight blocks in 60,000 sq km of the Timimoun Basin.
The company is currently working on projects in the early execution phase, such as the Iraq's ENI Zubair oil field project, Algeria's TIMIMOUN natural gas project and Kuwait's KNPC Clean Fuels project.
Agence Nationale pour la Valorisation des Ressources en Hydrocarbures (ALNAFT) plans to explore the Timimoun II Concession in the Western Area, in Algeria.
Sonatrach has indicated that gas will be partly supplied to the new trains by fields to be developed by Repsol, GDF Suez and Total in the Reggane region, including the Timimoun and Touat fields.