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any of the 24 regions of the globe (loosely divided by longitude) throughout which the same standard time is used

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It would mean EU countries had to choose to adopt permanent summer or winter time, meaning the UK would need to stick to a permanent European timezone to bring it into line with the Continent.
Where relevant, data were adjusted to account for timezones.
My body clock just doesn't cope with international timezones."
"Sa limang araw nating pagliban ng bansa, inabot man tayo ng mahigit 37 oras sa himpapawid, at tinatayang 83 oras sa lupa, ilang timezones man ang kinailangan nating tawirin--talaga namang sulit na sulit ang pagod, puyat, at tagtag sa biyaheng kaakibat ng paglabas na ito sa ating bansa," the President added.
"I'm going to play 12 tournaments in the States next year with a lot of different timezones - that's why I am doing it.
Pardew and United only got back on Monday afternoon from a long ight through several dierent timezones and even goalkeeper Rob Elliot admitted on Twitter they were still feeling the eects.
The operational timezones for Europe are within reach as we prepare for the opening of the Asian trading day" he added.
If you're working in multiple timezones, getting meetings booked so you're both awake is tough enough without being made to look an eejit because you messed up PST, EST, BST and GMT.
A new improved way of handling date and time that respects timezones
This rising interconnectedness across borders, timezones and industries raises one fundamental question for CEOs: 'How can I evolve my business practices to profit from the torrent of interrelated change now underway everywhere?'
By offering stock exchange execution, individual funds units can be priced and monetised immediately, which is expected to be attractive to investors in non-European timezones.
The main task of the expedition was to study the flow of time in the field of convergence of all timezones. All members of the expedition team started with the North Pole, where icebreaker "Yamal" brought 88 members of the team.
Several timezones away, Chester House had a Grade 2 winner at Del Mar - the six-year-old gelding Spring House won the Del Mar Handicap, setting a turf course record of 2min 11sec over 1m3f in the process.
Our foot soldiers in France at the last World Cup and even Birmingham in Euro 96 liked nothing better than crossing a border, or six, and getting as many timezones away from their wives and girlfriends as possible.
Communication timezones have been out of whack ever since.