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Synonyms for zone

Synonyms for zone

Synonyms for zone

a locally circumscribed place characterized by some distinctive features

any of the regions of the surface of the Earth loosely divided according to latitude or longitude

an area or region distinguished from adjacent parts by a distinctive feature or characteristic

regulate housing in

separate or apportion into sections

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New Englanders, fed up with the lack of sunlight in the winter, are considering joining a new time zone.
The necessity of time zones was closely linked to growing needs of transport and communication links during industrialisation British railway companies began adopting Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) which helped to coordinate timetables.
Actually, Nicosia, whose total area spans over 111 square kilometres, is not the smallest place to have two time zones.
com blog that the FCC, via an e-mail to those registered in the ETRS for today's nationwide test,hasput in place a suggested staggered filing of Form Two, by time zone.
Price trends don't tend to happen in isolation from other market shapers like time zones, they move in harmony with each other, so it's worth watching 'the whole' chart rather than just one indicator.
Although jet lag usually lasts no more than a few days, use these tips to reduce its effects and adjust quickly to the new time zone.
For the CEOs and senior executives who need help with this, engaging the Five Business Time Zones model of leadership can bring new understanding of how they spend their time as well as a design for how they ought to spend their time.
This makes sure that none of the events are missed, because of teams based in different time zones.
The patented Duometre mechanism ensures that the additional feature of the second time zone will never affect the efficiency of your primary time keeping, as both time zones have their independent
time zones affects the time you take your regular medication.
At Rado, two different time zones also ensure double the style, making this the ultimate traveling companion for fashionable jet setters," according to Rado.
Time zones can be quite complex for some students to understand, and this activity including the required research, will assist students to have a better understanding of this concept.
Flying across different time zones causes interruption of the sleep-wake cycle, leading to fatigue and other symptoms caused by disturbance of normal body rhythms.
Experts have said that the more time zones crossed, the more likely a person may experience jet lag.
In 1883, railroad managers met to set time zones in the U.