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Synonyms for synchronization

an adjustment that causes something to occur or recur in unison

coordinating by causing to indicate the same time

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The time synchronization protocol regulated by TSN is used to calibrate time differences between devices compatible with CC-Link IE TSN, keeping them synchronized with high accuracy.
GTT's Time Synchronization service complements its ultra-low latency transport services, providing clients with a single source of time across their entire trading infrastructure to correlate data sets and time-stamp trade executions within sub-microsecond UTC accuracy.
These time synchronization errors are complicated and multisource and must to be solved, respectively, by various technologies and methods.
In Section 2, literature review of various protocols of WSNs such as time synchronization and medium access control has been discussed.
Unlike Network Time Protocol (NTP), PTPv2 is embedded in the physical layer, which allows for true hardware-based timestamping for precise time synchronization of all participants in an Ethernet network.
Time synchronization is critically important for decentralized systems in industrial automation, such as any real-time automated process where multiple controls are distributed throughout the facility rather than using a single controller at a central location.
It is necessary to have a time synchronization between these nodes.
Each data gathering period consists of three phases: loose time synchronization phase, date collection phase, and data gathering period ending declaration phase.
Although time synchronization is crucial for various applications such as localization and low-power sleep scheduling MAC protocols, existing synchronization schemes did not fully consider practical issues, like channel access delay.
Distributed time synchronization in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) has been an important topic of research in the control community [1-3].
Lu, "Finite time synchronization of complex dynamical networks," Journal of Systems Science and Mathematical Sciences, vol.
The topics include team tactics in military serious games, an encryption algorithm of chaos based on a ship's acoustic-magnetic field, categorical description and checking for a web services composition model, threat assessment based on an adaptive intuitionistic fuzzy neural network, a discrete-event model of time synchronization, optimal sensor deployment for satellite antenna reflectors based on a genetic algorithm, collaborative innovation and collaborative mode for design chains, applying mining association rules in online shopping, an ant-colony optimization algorithm based on immune strategy, and a low-delay approach to collecting data in wireless sensor networks.
integrated time synchronization, upgraded protection switching, and extensive IPv4 and IPv6 routing resources.