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large genus of epiphytic or terrestrial sparse-rooting tropical plants usually forming dense clumps or pendant masses

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We only found scorpions on Tillandsia prodigiosa (Lem) Baker 1889, Tillandsia carlos-hankii Matuda 1973 and Tillandsia calothyrsus Mez 1896.
The gallery contained another example of this realizable dream in 12 SW, Air-Port-City, 2007, a small inflatable sphere made up of twelve pillows and covered in filaments of tillandsia, a plant that takes its nourishment from the air.
A hexane fraction (containing stigmasterol and [beta]-sitisterol) of aerial parts of Tillandsia streptocarpa showed anti-edematogenic activity (Delaporte et al.
Tillandsia - a striking plant that looks lovely in a hanging basket.
While there are dozens of Tillandsia selections to choose from, some popular ones include Spanish moss, staghorn fern, and various tropical orchids.
JOHN Dunlop's busy filly Subya 11-2, stays on gamely for Willie Carson to lift the Lupe Stakes from David Loder's fav Tillandsia (M Kinane
Air" plants like tillandsia, which gather moisture from the atmosphere, can also be grown on the tree or displayed in sea shells or other ornaments.
For more mundane complaints, tribal healers prepare Tillandsia teas that act as laxatives or purgatives.
A card-carrying member of the genus Tillandsia, this strange and wonderful plant is found from Georgia to Texas and south to Argentina.
A display around the Visitor Center features more than 30 different species of Tillandsia air plants in bloom.
Reproductive biology studies were undertaken with Tillandsia (Bromeliaceae) ant plant interactions (Eshbaugh 1987*), buttonwood (Conocarpus (Combretaceae)) (Kass et al.
Prost-X contains bovine prostate Cytosol extract, Tillandsia usneoides, and calcium.