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large genus of epiphytic or terrestrial sparse-rooting tropical plants usually forming dense clumps or pendant masses

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Gardner (1982) suggested that protogyny occurs almost without exception in Tillandsia subgenus Tillandsia, including T.
In the years 1999 and 2003 a large amount of plants collected in the wild were discovered in several huge import posts of some thousand Tillandsia xerographica plants, that were declared as artificially propagated.
The population dynamics of Tillandsia circinata (Bromeliaceae): cypress crown colonies in southern Florida.
Abstract: The aquatic invertebrate community associated with the water tank bromeliads Tillandsia turneri and T.
My favourite is Tillandsia cyanea with dark green leaves , a deep pink bract and a deep purple flower.
During the course of two botanical field trips through the state of Oaxaca in the years 2005 and 2006, the late Jurgen Lautner, Renate Ehlers and collaborators collected several plants of a species of Tillandsia L.
Among the bromeliads, Iris favours the tillandsia genus.
However, it may not be excluded that high biomass is related to the accidental occurrence of the two dominant bromeliad species, Tillandsia denudata and T.
Medimos el numero por milimetro cuadrado y el area del "ala" (parte movil) de los tricomas en las partes adaxial proxima y distal, y adaxial proxima y distal, de la hoja de 37 especies de bromelias del genero Tillandsia.
Las epifitas son abundantes en este ambiente, con la presencia de Tillandsia pedicellata, T.
Al revisar algunos de los ejemplares provenientes del estado de Puebla nos percatamos de que correspondian a una especie no descrita del genero Tillandsia, por lo que proponemos:
Convolvulaceae), and Camellias (Theaceae), while others are associated with Tillandsia dasyliriifolia Baker, Tillandsia violacea (Baker), Tillandsia oaxacana L.