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a genus of Cichlidae

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The global tilapia market is driven by the changing dietary patterns of and the growing health consciousness among consumers.
[ClickPress, Mon Jul 15 2019] In order to dissert the market scenario prevailing across the tilapia market sector, FactMR has evenly presented a comprehensive tilapia market analysis to its extensive online repository.
A Facebook post from PRCC amazed the netizens, with one of the river warriors showing the giant tilapia that was caught in the canal.
'Cardiologists are telling their patients to go home and eat fish, and if the patients are poor, they're eating tilapia. And that could translate into a dangerous situation,' said the researchers from the Wake Forest University School of Medicine.
The Philippines now has 11 varieties of tilapia for breeding, among them the genetically improved farmed tilapia, or GIFT; the genetically male tilapia, or YY tilapia; the genetically enhanced tilapia-excellent strain; and the brackish water-enhanced selected tilapia, or Improved-Best.
A letter, dated June 18, 2018, from the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development through all media houses, notified the public of a ban on tilapia and ornamental fish imports, indicating that a tilapia lake virus was responsible for significant mortalities in farmed tilapia.
Fishermen on Lake Naivasha landed a total of 206.923 tons of Nile tilapia between January and April 2016 valued at KShs 18,706,367.00, the highest value since the reintroduction of the fish in the lake.
Speaking to Muscat Daily , Rabakhi said, 'Our project is about 'Studying the effects of tilapia fish skin in the treatment of burns'.
The fish to keep using these technologies are tilapia, catfish and rainbow trout.
IN a bid to boost fish export, fish farmers in the country were on Friday in Lagos urged to scale up Tilapia farming.