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a Mexican city just to the south of San Diego on the Lower California peninsula

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With the growing binational activity in the San Diego-Tijuana mega-region, it is paramount that Tijuana Innovadora include the tools that not only provide engagement and innovation for entrepreneur events like MAKER: Innovate, but also transcend borders to maintain this synergy no matter what the location," Laura Araujo, Director of Binational Affairs for Tijuana Innovadora said.
Flex provides support for the Technological University of Tijuana (Universidad Tecnologica de Tijuana) through grants for engineering scholarships, as well as for the purchase of manufacturing equipment for students studying industrial processes and operations.
With pride we announce a new addition to our destination offering, with this first international flight out of Tijuana.
TIJUANA WAS LITTLE MORE than a railroad stop before Prohibition brought Californians south for a night on the town, and the local reputation stayed set on sin and sauce for most of the 20th century.
Tijuana is known for huge marijuana seizures because of its proximity to the U.
This is just the first step toward full-scale medical device thermoforming operations in Tijuana for Flexpak.
More than 40 medical device manufacturing firms are located in Tijuana, making various high- and low-tech products, including dentures, electronic thermometers, hemodialysis components, infusion pumps and IV administration sets.
Rested and refreshed they will take all the beating, but Tijuana have been superb so far with a rock-solid defence, which will be improved for the return of Pablo Aguilar from a ban.
Hyundai CEO Kenny Lee said Tijuana won the competition for the plant over Monterrey, Mexico, and Montgomery, Ala.
Tijuana Dreaming: Life and Art at the Global Border is a significant anthology of recent writings on this city from the perspective of art, literature, architecture, music, and film.
During the study period, 29 pediatric cases of invasive meningococcal disease were diagnosed, 16 in Tijuana and 13 in San Diego County.
SAN DIEGO (AP) -- A popular San Diego college professor who was found slain in his apartment in Tijuana, Mexico, is being remembered as a stickler for grammar who liked to sing karaoke.
Thirteen people have been killed in two days in the northern Mexican border city of Tijuana, an upsurge in likely drug-related violence that comes just a week after President Felipe Calderon visited the town to praise what he called an improved security situation.
The back view of a man dressed in combat fatigues and sporting a crew cut confronted the sprawl of Tijuana a few hundred yards away.