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a perversely bad, cruel, or wicked person

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a fierce or audacious person

large feline of forests in most of Asia having a tawny coat with black stripes

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Unlike in Europe and the US, there is no question that, with the correct reforms, India's tiger economy could easily roar again.
The leader, who took a key role in the Northern Ireland peace process and oversaw the development of his country's Celtic Tiger economy, will step down on May 6 after 11 years at the top.
Tesco's expansion plans for the Irish Republic won't be affected by the country's once-booming Celtic Tiger economy slowing down, according to chief executive Sir Terry Leahy.
Does he still believe Ireland's Celtic tiger economy would be as successful if it were still ruled by London?
If you define a tiger economy as one that has 10% growth over a decade and around 7 to 8% growth for 20 years, then I think Dubai alone will be a tiger economy", said Dr.
But the booming Celtic Tiger economy and the popularity of Ireland as a destination could be the main reasons for buck
The decision to target investors from the still flourishing Celtic Tiger economy to create a revitalised Irish Quarter as part of the development programme for Digbeth and Deritend is the type of pro-active stance such a major scheme requires.
Rapid GDP growth and accelerated privatisations, together with the emergence of big private business groups going public including family empires branching into various sectors, have turned Egypt into a tiger economy (see economic base on following pages).
The NCC acquired the publishing rights and has marketed the book in the so-called tiger economy countries at about pounds 2 a copy.
Jose Rizal, expected to be the pag-asa ng bayan (hope of the motherland) and the ones who would lift the country to the level of a tiger economy.
Ireland's Celtic Tiger economy may have slowed after a decade of unprecedented growth, but its convenience store sector is still booming, according to new data.
A leading member of the Progressive Democrats, a socially progressive but economically conservative party, is alleged to have said that, if people haven't shared in the wealth of the celtic tiger economy, then it is their own fault.
Unfinished, it could cause traffic chaos and embarrass us even as we have bragged to the world about our amazing Celtic Tiger economy.
LIVERPOOL'S Chamber of Commerce is one of the first in the UK to establish links with Asia's latest tiger economy, Vietnam.
The country transformed itself from an exporter of rubber and tin into a tiger economy producing electronic equipment, steel and cars.