Erythrina variegata

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small to medium-sized thorny tree of tropical Asia and northern Australia having dense clusters of scarlet or crimson flowers and black seeds

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First method begins with Rock Smash then cancelled with Tiger Claw, cancelled with Earth Axis and cancelled with Raging Wave.
Hodges, who handled both How's Yer Father and Tiger Claw for him, said: "Bert was one of the best owners we ever had, and we had so much fun with him it wasn't true.
McCutcheon notes, "Fasco America chose Tiger Claw as our partner for this project due to a common adherence to product quality and innovation, combined with superior customer service, and excellent industry reputation.
The woman, who lives in Roseberry View, Thornaby, was found to have tiger claws, whale teeth and elephant tusks in her home.
Crazy demands by godmen drive up trafficking in wild boar &deer nails, tiger claws &leopard skin, reveals raid
elephant hairs, tiger claws, tiger teeth and tiger paws, he said.
Perhaps those most sought after are in Battersea enamels, while others can be found in porcelain, bone, silver plate, silver gilt, even silver mounted boar's tusks and tiger claws.
The cloth was tied to the warriors hair, and ornaments and small weapons were hung off it, such as daggers, swords and tiger claws.
Other recent incidents have involved the trade in elephant ivory, tiger claws, tortoises, turtles and whale bone.
London, Aug 17 ( ANI ): British border officials have seized illegal imports of herbal remedies and massage oils sent from India, which contained grounded tiger claws, poisonous plants and cow urine.
GROUND tiger claws and poisonous plants that were destined for Birmingham have been seized by the UK Border Force.
TIGER claws and penises, rhino horns, shark fins and turtle legs are sold illegally in the country where welfare laws are so poorly enforced.
Tiger claws and teeth were on sale in 17 out of 24 towns in 453 shops surveyed.
You may find yourself holding your breath at times as the Tiger claws his way to the top of the leader board and invites admiration by holding his own in TV interviews with the likes of Bob Hope and Jimmy Stewart.
The " Bali sahib" ( his name is Sanjeev Bali and he flaunts a necklace with two tiger claws that once belonged to the maharaja of Bikaner) is from the family that produces the beer named Thunderbolt.