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Synonyms for tiger

a perversely bad, cruel, or wicked person

Synonyms for tiger

a fierce or audacious person

large feline of forests in most of Asia having a tawny coat with black stripes

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The lead photo shows the magazine base plate with the same tiger stripe finish as the rest of the gun, but Magnum Research indicates that current production guns will come with magazines with black base plates regardless of finish.
It was an impressive live show - musically and visually - with the whole band sporting matching black clothes with tiger stripe edging.
Astronomers had been astonished in 2005 to learn of the giant plumes of ice and water vapor blasting from the "tiger stripe" cracks in Enceladus' southern hemisphere, and the detection of organic compounds in the gassy mix suggested the moon could support life.
"The huge amount of heat pouring out of the tiger stripe fractures may be enough to melt the ice underground," said John Spencer, a composite infrared spectrometer team member based at Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colo.
Go wild with this tiger stripe rug made from 100 per cent coir.
The Strider M2 knife is hand stamped with the SureFire logo, has a clip point and features the patented Tiger Stripe finish.
At Troon in 1997, Nicola Moffat was in tiger stripe body paint and not much else where she stripped off her dress and skipped around the 18th green.
Additional high-resolution spectrometer maps of one end of the tiger stripes Alexandria Sulcus and Cairo Sulcus reveal never-before-seen warm fractures that branch off like split ends from the main tiger stripe trenches.
The new images from the imaging science subsystem and the composite infrared spectrometer teams also include the best 3-D image ever obtained of a "tiger stripe," a fissure that sprays icy particles, water vapor and organic compounds.
Table dancer Yvonne Robb stripped off at Carnoustie last year, and at Troon 1997 Nicola Moffat was in tiger stripe body paint and not much else.
Animal prints and fun fake furs are featuring everywhere this season, and this circular tiger stripe vanity case by Vincent Longo makes the ideal winter accessory because it also doubles up as a funky party handbag.
An exclusive Tiger Stripes ice cream, which consists of a chocolate base, caramel ripple and dark chocolate shards, has also been specially created for Chester Zoo to celebrate its Big Cats exhibition.
Streaking or "tiger stripes" is one disorderthat concerns Guido Schnabel, a Clemson plant pathologist, the release said.
Chantelle Clarke, from Alberta in Canada, whogave birthin December, posted a photo of her 'tiger stripes' on her stomach onFacebook- which has now gone viral.
to Tiger Stripes Mat Thermoplastics Linear Low Density