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medium-sized wildcat of Central America and South America having a dark-striped coat

a cat having a striped coat

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The aim of this study is to estimate the home range size and the minimal densities for three small felid species, namely Southern tiger cat, margay and jaguarondi, in a fragmented area of southern Atlantic Forest, one of the most endangered biomes in the world.
In this area, three Southern tiger cat, one margay and three j aguarundi s were captured and fitted with VHF radio collars (Advanced Telemetry Systems, Model 1930).
The pattern of dispersion of locations for Southern tiger cat was more concentrated than those observed for jaguarundis, resulting in smaller h parameter (average h= 503).
The average home range of Southern tiger cat was smaller than the other two species, which is expected as Southern tiger cat is the smallest species of all the three cats in this study.
However, a parallel study using camera traps in the same region revels that 60% of the records of Southern tiger cat were taken in daytime hours, while all photographic records of margay were at night (personal communication).
Surmising that the capture rates of margay reflect the abundance of the species, we can estimate a density three times lower than Southern tiger cat and jaguarundis in our study site.
Our estimate for Southern tiger cat is similar to those presented by Oliveira-Santos et al.
The use of this kind of landscape by species such Southern tiger cat and margay, suggest that conservation of some species is possible even in highly anthropized landscapes outside well-preserved areas.