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the capital and largest city of Georgia on the Kura river

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In 1864, Fadeev recounted and justified the Russian penetration of the Caucasus in his "Letters from Tiflis," which he published in Mikhail Nikiforovich Katkov's conservative Moskovskie vedomosti.
Basbakan Erdogan'in, 13 Agustos Moskova ve 14 Agustos Tiflis ziyaretleri, Turkiye'nin KIIP teklifinin resmiyet kazandigi gezilerdir.
Simko, who played a secondary role in the effort, had wanted to open the school on 19 October to honor the tsarevich, but the opening had to wait until necessary school supplies arrived from Tiflis.
Local Muslim military elites who had been in Russian military service during the Caucasus War were appointed as naibs and local administrators, with Russian district heads making regular reports to Tiflis on their character, competence, abilities, and political reliability.
This article explores the sense of self exhibited by Ioseb ("Soso") Jughashvili, Stalin in statu nascendi, during the 1898-1907 period, when he served the Russian Social-Democratic Workers Party (RSDWP) as an activist mainly based in Tiflis.
7) Social engineering remained beyond its reach, and with its limited ability to mold the local population in new directions, Tiflis relied on theoretical calculations that I term "social alchemy.
Compared to the Social Democrats of Tiflis, they were a much less subtle group; and their ethos--a brew of authoritarianism, militarism, opportunism, antisemitism, apocalyptic messianism, geopolitical dreaming, and sheer ruthlessness, with an added dash of frontier ethnophilia--was, to say the least, unappealing.
I am next," I think in despair, recalling how they carry on in Tiflis, and I am thinking, how can I escape, but after his session Stalin seems to come to his senses somewhat, and he starts up a conversation.
Thus, when authorities in Mingrelia requested in 1834 that local Orthodox clergy be exempt from the task of keeping metrical books because of their poor education and limited literacy, the Synod's office in Tiflis responded that the introduction of such records "is indispensable for the good of Mingrelians themselves in their exercise of general civil rights and in religion.
At an early stage of her work, the artist composed posters and posters for the activities of the Tiflis Women's Charitable Society.
Stalin enrolled at a theological seminary at Tiflis, but instead of emerging as a priest as his mother hoped, Stalin fell in with the atheistic and Marxist secret societies that were prominent at the school.
Of Russian, Polish, and Georgian ancestry, Michael Karpovich was born in 1888 in Tiflis, Georgia.
Mas tarde, cuando Beso se llevo a la fuerza a Soso a Tiflis para trabajar como aprendiz de zapatero, los curas ayudaron a Keke a recuperar al muchacho.
Se destaca el oleoducto que une a Baku, Tiflis y Ceyhan (BTC), el segundo mas largo del mundo, capaz de suministrar a Occidente un millon de barriles de petroleo desde el Caspio hacia el Mediterraneo sin pasar por territorio ruso, y el gaseoducto Baku, Tiflis y Erzurum, que llevara directamente gas natural a Europa atravesando Turquia y evitando el control energetico de Rusia.
For decades, only the Tiflis congregation existed, and only those of Russian ethnicity became members.