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Italian painter (1696-1770)

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1754-56, Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (1696-1770), oil on canvas, 48x29cm
Strikingly similar but not identical, two paintings of the Madonna of the Goldfinch are unique among the works attributed to Giambattista Tiepolo (1696-1770), the premier Venetian painter of the Settecento.
Perhaps something like that is the most that we can conclude about Twain's taste for Tiepolo, that he knew what he liked and he liked Tiepolo, not withstanding the world of differences that separate the artistic techniques and worldviews of the two men.
A partir de un analisis comparativo de los frescos para el Palacio Real disenados por Giambattista Tiepolo y Anton Raphael Mengs, quienes elaboran por encargo de los reyes alegorias de la monarquia espanola, el primer capitulo del libro estudia como la nueva dinastia borbonica se constituye a si misma simbolicamente.
During my voyage to Bassano," wrote Giovanni Tiepolo in the 18th century about St.
The forty-three illustrations and plans include stunning reimaginations, such as The Triumph of Marius by Tiepolo, as well as antiquarians' prints and even a New Yorker cartoon.
At the same time, his contemporaries such as Tiepolo, Guardi and Ricci were painting and sculpting religious, mythological and historical dramas in the grand Baroque tradition.
They include works by El Greco, Rembrandt, Durer, Raphael, Van de Weyden, Tiepolo and Titian.
After taking a field trip to see Tiepolo paintings at San Francisco's Palace of the Legion of Honor, the students set to work intently in groups of twos and threes or alone, occasionally coming to the front of the room to consult a book of Tiepolo works, then entwining themselves in novel interpretations.
Take, for instance, his choice of two paintings, by Poussin and Tiepolo respectively, to illustrate the cultural shift he proposes.
These Tiepolos are the subject of "Painting Then For Now: Fragments of Tiepolo at the Ca'Dolfin," a collaboration between Svetlana Alpers, the famed senior art historian; James Hyde, a mid-career abstract painter; and Barney Kulok, a young photographer.
Three multi-million pound masterpieces by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo hint that this place is a bit special.
Represented are masterworks by such luminaries as Domenichino, Sabastiano Ricci, Guercino, and Tiepolo.
Su libro, La nube roja, que reune textos de los anos setenta y noventa, donde pasean Bellini, Mantegna, Tiepolo, Hopper o Mondrian.
Why not investigate the analogy between Christ's blood and Mary's milk more systematically, as Giovanni Tiepolo did in his Treatise on the Most Holy Relics Recently Found in the Sanctuary of Saint Marc's Chapel (1618), celebrating the rediscovery of medieval blood- and milk-relics during reconstruction works at Saint Marc's?