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a major industrial center in northeastern China on the Grand Canal near the Yellow Sea

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In December 1941, with the attack on Pearl Harbor, the ever increasing Japanese presence lead to an occupation of Tientsin and its foreign concessions.
The four bungalows, lakeside Catlereagh, Summerville, Norwood and traditional colonial Tientsin, contain only 21 rooms in all.
The four bungalows, lakeside Catlereigh, Summerville, Norwood and traditional colonial Tientsin, contain only 21 rooms in all.
A student of mining engineering at Peiyang University in Tientsin (location of a hospital and medical college founded by Dr.
Pur essendo stata breve e marginale rispetto alie altre esperienze coloniall, la Concessione italiana di Tientsin (1901-1947), unica esperienza di colonizzazione italiana in Asia, e interessante per le particolari dinamiche di decostruzione e ricostruzione dell'identita nazionale di cui e stata portatrice.
consulate at Tientsin during contest between the Dowager
Shamanist, neither a feel fez nor boy o' bronze flee far--eh, Tientsin amahs?
He and Marjorie then returned to Ohio, only to be informed that they were to relocate to Tientsin, China, where Mike was to join the 15th Infantry Regiment.
396-67), on reading his Evolution Creatrice in Tientsin, China (1907), Claudel recognizes an affinity between the "spirituality" of Bergson's thought and his own, himself suggests parallels (106-07), but excludes actual influence, as indeed do the dates.
8) While sovereignty and interstate relations had been problematized and compromised throughout the long history of the Sino-centric order, its material and normative pillars started to unravel in the process of institutional adaptation by East Asian actors themselves in their local encounters--such as the Treaty of Tientsin (Tianjin) (1871) between China and Japan and the Treaty of Kanghwa (1876) between Japan and Korea.
Tangshan was at the epicentre of the earthquake, although it badly damaged Tientsin.
She also expanded into related areas as diverse as gleaming, chrome-embellished radio cabinets, beautiful handknotted rugs produced in Tientsin, China, and gorgeous fabric designs woven in France, examples of which can be seen in the Victoria & Albert museum.
They added that their company will resume cooperation on production after recently ending a contract with Sampo's factory in Tientsin to produce 120,000 fridges a year for TCL.
In 1858 China again was forced by Britain, France and others to sign the Treaty of Tientsin, which opened additional port cities to foreign trade and commerce, legalized the import of opium, allowed missionaries to travel freely to parts of China, and paid indemnity to western powers.
In 1860, he signed the Treaty of Tientsin, accepting all demands of the East India Company; which, by that time had removed the Mughal Emperor in India and taken over the bulk of the once great Mughal Empire as well.