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a game in which players try to flip plastic disks into a cup by pressing them on the side sharply with a larger disk

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VVDRAW for Saturday's final: 1 Jimbobjoe 2 Tiddly Winks 3 Pretty Lane 4 Spa Road Piper 5 Droopys Cottage 6 Random Kirsty (w).
Along with Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Charades, Blind Man's Bluff, Tiddly Winks and Postman's Knock.
Activities include bowling, tiddly winks, badminton and wellington throwing.
If this sounds like the message of a killjoy, then let me explain that nobody delights in Welsh victories more than me, be they at football, rugby or Tiddly Winks.
FLYING HIGH: Lucy spread her wings; PARTY GIRL: Kim looks lovely; Nicholas and Lisa; TIDDLY WINKS: Michelle looks a tad tipsy as she leaves
Scotland versus England at anything - from football to tiddly winks is always Bannockburn Re-Visited.
Just four go to traps for an S1 over 540m at 10.11 but it is a fascinating contest all the same, with TIDDLY WINKS the one of most interest.
It's easy for me to say that now, as I sit at my desk and type away, still with a sore calf, three days later - but I wasn't so sure at 10.20am on Sunday when every muscle in my body was pleading with me to take up tiddly winks and give up on this running malarkey.
6 What world championship is held annually at Egremont, Cumbria: a) Tiddly winks b) Flatulence c) Gurning?
WITH a few notable exceptions, like Wimbledon, when the BBC introduce an afternoon's sporting coverage it usually includes the riveting action from the World Tiddly Winks championship or worse.
But anyone who has watched these 'friendlies' could be forgiven for believing that television would show tiddly winks - as long as footballers were playing it.
"There's nothing wrong with maximising our potential - I don't care if it's tiddly winks or concerts, I'd take money from anywhere as long as it goes back into the GAA."
But to promise things you can't immediately deliver is to play a dangerous game that has all the predictability of someone playing tiddly winks in a rugby scrum.