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the feast day of a saint whose name one bears

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com motorists will soon have the assistance of millions of drivers eyes helping users locate oncoming police vehicles, meter maids, speed traps, mobile speed traps, cops hiding behind the under pass, or entrance ramp, cops hiding around the corner of blind stop signs, school zones, bus lanes, police stops, ticket days, EZ Pass lane tickets, double parking zones, tow zones, heavy ticket areas, city hot spots, Smokey And The Bandit cops hiding behind billboards, and many more favorite police hiding spots will be revealed in real time in cities around the country and the world.
FROM PAGE 26: 'Top cop' is put behind bards:Police chief Richard Brunstrom has been made a top druid, despite the Eisteddfod's Arch Druid being landed with a speeding ticket days before yesterday's ceremony.
In 1937, Alan Stolz enjoyed the private camp life of Camp Delawana in Pennsylvania, and at Camp Onota in Massachusetts in 1939-1945; his devotion to camp remained through the meat and dairy ration ticket days and hanging laundry on shrubbery to dry because of fuel and energy shortages during the war.
But you need to get a ticket days before the game to be sure of a seat.