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an Italian-speaking region of southern Switzerland

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The most consistently politically extreme of the Ticinesi were the emigrants: some, like the Gattis, who continued to sit in the national and cantonal parliaments, were hard-line conservatives.
Al dia siguiente, la Liga de Ticinesi, un partido suizo de extrema derecha, aprovecho la ocasion.
For the time-challenged Ticinesi, polenta is now something to eat at restaurants, grottos, your mother-in-law's or community events, where enormous cauldrons are set over burning wood and stirred for a full 60 minutes by muscular men.
Although, for purposes of simplicity, the case of the smaller Italian-speaking minority is disregarded here, it should not he forgotten that the success of the Lega dei Ticinesi, today one of the major parties in Tessin, is significantly due to its "anti-Bern" rhetoric.
Long before every home had a fridge, the Ticinesi kept perishables cool near granite rocks, and with so much good food and wine stored in the one place, it naturally became a meeting point for the locals who gathered to chat, eat local cheeses and salame, and drink a glass or two of merlot.