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a town twenty miles to the east of Rome (Tibur is the ancient name)

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This is apparently how the official UEFA website posted the details of the match officials: Viktor Kassai (HUN) Gabor Eros (HUN) Tibur Vamos (HUN) I'm sure this simply means they were from Hungary.
O mundo artificial e viciado da Tibur literata, poisou sobre o jornalismo, e sobre a maquina politica, e os homens publicos, como literatos, fizeram do parlamento uma Tibur de nova especie.
After a period of poverty, Juvenal seems (judging from some hints in the Satires) to have acquired a modest competence: a small farm at Tibur where he could quietly entertain a few friends.
It was he who gave Horace his villa, the "Sabine farm," in the countryside a few miles from Rome, near Tibur (now called Tivoli).
In early times the exiled Roman did not need to go far into exile and could find a new home without leaving Latium, in cities such as Tibur, Praeneste, Lavinium and Ardea, or he could go to the Latin colonies.