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a town twenty miles to the east of Rome (Tibur is the ancient name)

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Un discurso desarrollado como un ensayo fragmentado desde inicios del Quattrocento hasta aspectos de la obra de Piranesi, tras su asentamiento en Roma en 1740, ya en los albores de la contemporaneidad y en relacion, como consta en el titulo, a la Roma antigua, la Urbs por excelencia, y a Tibur, hoy Tivoli.
O mundo artificial e viciado da Tibur literata, poisou sobre o jornalismo, e sobre a maquina politica, e os homens publicos, como literatos, fizeram do parlamento uma Tibur de nova especie.
After a period of poverty, Juvenal seems (judging from some hints in the Satires) to have acquired a modest competence: a small farm at Tibur where he could quietly entertain a few friends.
Izaac, Paris: Les Belles Lettres, 1992, tomo I, 31, I, 3: "Cernere facundi Tibur glaciale Vopisci".
It was he who gave Horace his villa, the "Sabine farm," in the countryside a few miles from Rome, near Tibur (now called Tivoli).
Ah, little thought I, when in school I sate, A school-boy on his bench, at early dawn Glowing with Roman story, I should live To tread the Appian, once an avenue Of monuments most glorious, palaces, Their doors sealed up and silent as the night, The dwellings of the illustrious dead--to turn Toward Tibur, and, beyond the City-gate, Pour out my unpremeditated verse, Where on his mule I might have met so oft Horace himself.
It follows that Ursinus' ordination by Paul of Tibur was the previous Sunday, 24 September, the very day that Liberius died.
After some years his situation improved, for autobiographical remarks in one of his satires show him, then elderly, living in modest comfort in Rome and possessing a farm at Tibur (now Tivoli) with servants and livestock.
His tomb at Rome and his villa at Tibur are remarkable structures.
In the catalogue of the Italic allies of Turnus, in Book VII of the Aeneid, the third place is occupied by the warriors coming from Tibur (after those commanded by Mezentius and by Aventinus).
Pues como acabamos de ver en las inscripciones de la nota precedente, Sisenna tambien ocupo puestos politico-religiosos de la religion tradicional, como augur, algunos sacerdocios prestigiosos y arcaicos, como la fratria de los salios, y curator y benefactor del templo de Hercules Victorioso en Tibur.
27) Her life was granted her by Aurelian, and they say that thereafter she lived with her children in the manner of a Roman matron on an estate that had been presented to her at Tibur, which even to this day is still called Zenobia, not far from the palace of Hadrian or from that place which bears the name of Concha.
16) Indeed, a lack of recognition and a demand for a more prominent grave monument (one that will attract the attention of the messenger who "runs" by her grave in verse 84) are precisely Cynthia's concern in verses 77-86, where we also learn that Cynthia's tomb is to redound to the credit of Tibur, her place of birth (85).
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In early times the exiled Roman did not need to go far into exile and could find a new home without leaving Latium, in cities such as Tibur, Praeneste, Lavinium and Ardea, or he could go to the Latin colonies.