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Himalayish language spoken in Tibet

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a native or inhabitant of Tibet

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Beijing [China], Feb 23 ( ANI ): China has denied arson as the cause of a fire at a Tibetian Buddhist temple in Lhasa, its state media reported on Thursday.
The treatments available at Balance also include more relaxing massages such as Crystal Healing Facials, Ku Nye Tibetian rituals, Moroccan hamams and baths, Thai massages and even nurturing treatments for pregnant women.
A Practice of Padmasambhava: Essential Instructions on the Path to Awakening" is a collection of spiritual musings from Shenchen Gyaltsap IV & Richen Dargye as they offer readers much to think about on the subject of Tibetian Buddhism and the search for the awakening and enlightenment that falls behind it all.
There are designated microscopy centres (DMCs) established among the refugee communities such as those living in the Mainpat Tibetian camps and Mana Bangladeshi camps.
In 1989, China was incensed that the Nobel Committee chose the Tibetian spiritual leader Dalai Lama for the Peace Prize.
The HPLC/MS method developed for the quantitative analysis of active xanthone components in the Tibetian herb Halenia elliptica can be used for chemical finger-printing of these major active ingredients in Halenia elliptica.
Group N Age-range Religion Gender Tibetian 30 22-52yrs Budhist Female 19 Budhist Male 11 Kashmiri 60 21-62yrs Hindu Female 25 Pandits Pandit Male 35 Total 90 Maritial Group Status Education Years of Occupation stay Tibetian Married 17 (X -XII - 2-30yrs Business - Budhist unmarried 13 26),(G - 29;Service -1 3)(MA-1) Kashmiri Marrie d 44 (X-XII) -11), 9-18yrs Business -2; Pandits unmarried 16 G-22),MA - Service - 26), phd-1 37;housewif e-5;unempl - 9;retired -7 Total
Additionally, the Tibetian plateau is the origin of five of the world's biggest and the region's most important rivers: Yangzi, Mekong, Irrawaddy, Brahmaputra, and Salween, of which the last four are transboundary.
Nine-drawer Nujiang Cabinet with Tibetian patterns, pounds 195, The Pier (0845 609 1234)
By contrast, Mason maintains, Eastern art--such as the Tibetian sand mandalas, Japanese tea ceremony, and the haiku--reaffirms the transience of life and celebrates the fluidity of moving time (cf.
Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, a Tibetian Lama whose soul, it was found upon investigation, had transmigrated into the body of an English plumber.
New from Capel is its Tibetian Treasures, a collection of 100 percent New Zealand wool rugs that are hand-knotted in India.
More than 60 international dealers in Asian and Oceanic art, antiques and artifacts will be participating in the show and sale with items ranging from Tibetian furniture to religious bronzes from Nepal and wooden chests from Japan.
Sanskrit Text with a Tibetian Translation, Berlin, 1890.