Tibetan terrier

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breed of medium-sized terriers bred in Tibet resembling Old English sheepdogs with fluffy curled tails

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First I got into obedience classes and then I started showing and got into Tibetan terriers too.
Tibetan terriers, one of the oldest breeds of dog, are known for their beautiful coats, agility, playfulness and calmness.
Tibetan terriers can be stricken with a neurological disease known as neuronal ceroid-lipofuscinosis (NCL), a condition which has a human equivalent called Batten disease.
Airedale Terriers must hunt, no matter what, Havanese must live indoors despite a thick fur coat, and Tibetan Terriers are really family dogs, although they have been known to slip out and herd a yak or two.
The Tibetan terriers also wagged hello to TV presenter and dog lover Johnny Vaughn and Royle Family star Ralf Little.