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(Norse mythology) god of thunder and rain and farming

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Gross sued on July 6, saying the insurance companies under the Thunor Trust umbrella were under regulatory scrutiny by early 1999 and Frankel's schemes were "beginning to unravel."
He says Mississippi alerted Thunor officials to their concerns in March--soon enough to stop the April wire transfers and alert Arkansas officials in time to prevent Old Southwest's takeover from being finalized.
Long after the Anglo-Saxon kings switched their allegiance to the god of the Christians, they claimed to be descended from Woden or Thunor.
In the most recent and authoritative survey of place-names referring to sites of pagan religious worship in Anglo-Saxon England, Gelling identified a corpus of some forty-three names, of which eleven are derived from Thunor, the god of thunder.(1) These are Thunderfield (Sr), Thunderley (Ess), Thundersley (Ess) Thursley (Sr), Thurstable (Ess), and the lost place-names Thunoreshlaew (K), Thunorslege (Sx), Thunresfeld (W), Thunreslau (Ess), Thunreslea near Droxford (Ha), and Thunreslea near Southampton (Ha).(2) Of these eleven, only Thursley (Sr) and Thurstable (Ess) do not retain the medial -n-.
Other place-names in Thures-, such as the lost Thures lege in Rutland, were attributed by Gelling to the same personal name Thur from which Thurstable is now taken to derive, with the comment that 'his [Thunor's] presence should not be assumed on the basis of spellings in Thures- in an area where the Scandinavian personal name Thur, Thor is likely to have been current'.(6) This manifestly does not apply to Thursley, a place-name located well outside the main areas of Scandinavian settlement;(7) and the purpose of this note is to support the derivation from Thunor by drawing attention to another instance where the medial -n-has disappeared from an original Thunor-name.
There is evidence that a corresponding deity named Thunor, or Thonar, was worshiped by West Germanic peoples in England and continental Europe, but little is known about him.
THERE is an ancient legend that once, when the Anglo Saxons still worshipped the old gods, Thunor, better known as Thor, bestrode the Clent Hills.
As the chief financial officer for the insurance companies that Frankel ultimately controlled, Atnip is accused of conspiring with Frankel to conceal Frankel's control of Thunor Trust, the entity used to control the insurers.
Frankel allegedly controlled Thunor Trust, set up in 1991 by businessman John Hackney to buy small, struggling insurance companies.
Pickens seized control of Old Southwest on May 17 as regulators in Tennessee, Mississippi, Virginia, Missouri and Oklahoma forced other companies run by Hackney, under the auspices of the Thunor Trust, into receivership.
From 1991 to 1999, bond trader Frankel gained secret control of insurance and securities entities, and working through others, he established the Thunor Trust, which was used to buy insurance companies.
Dale, Arkansas joined regulators in six states in mid-May to put Franklin American, Old Southwest and six other companies networked under the name Thunor Trust into receivership.
"In the case of the Thunor Trust, the money to purchase the first insurance company was supposedly provided by three individuals or grantors," the report said.
Later that year, the company was acquired by Thunor Trust.
Franklin American and IFC, holding companies for a group of insurers, were held by the Thunor Trust.