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Synonyms for Thunderer

an epithet for Jupiter

a noisemaker that makes a sound like thunder

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In Bulgaria, he is known as "Iliya the Thunderer" and in folklore is held responsible for summer storms, hail, rain, thunder and dew.
The Lightning was chambered in .38 Long Colt, the Thunderer in .41 Long Colt.
A Lambretta B Velocipede C Dominator D Thunderer QUESTION 5 - for 5 points: Which instrument was played by jazz star Louis Armstrong?
I mention it because a staff member on hearing the buzz of violence always lurked with the Acme Thunderer poised in his or her lips ready to ensure law and order.
Age - at least - of the Acme 110 Thunderer whistle that has been used to start every inaugural game in the tournament.
I've always used compact, open whistles like the Acme Thunderer and Tornado.
As we might expect from a thunderer on a soapbox, variants of good commons and bad enclosures are conjured with enthusiasm, but there is little reflection on what a more relational account of this politics might look like.
For example, when we play well-known John Philip Sousa marches, we incorporate valveless regimental trumpets to play the familiar obbligatos in marches such as Semper Fidelis and The Thunderer. This directly replicates how Sousa often invited local military battalions to play their natural field trumpets (usually in F) during parades to announce the concerts he would be presenting in the towns.
First, Rooney flipped one up for himself and saw his volley beaten away, then Di Maria had a long-ramge thunderer pushed over.
Which newspaper is known as The Thunderer? 10.Who killed Martin Luther King?
According to, some 65 Australians were also arrested as part of Operation Thunderer, the local component of an international effort named Project Spade.
It begins by telling how Epsilon and two yearling siblings, Theta and Beta, were the sole orphaned survivors of a wolf pack coup, losing their Lamar Valley territory to the Thunderer pack, a rival wolf pack.
Having sung Edward's praises The Thunderer averred: "Mr Gillespie's greatest legacy may be the culture of Cheltenham.
By 2003, The Times was devoting a whole page to comment, running three opinion pieces as well as its Thunderer column, while the Telegraph's comment had extended to two pieces plus a Notebook column.
A best mpg of 21 isn't bad for such a thunderer, but my most abiding memory of those 5,000 miles will be the utter respect, admiration and awe it evokes in onlookers.