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instrument of torture that crushes the thumb

screw designed to be turned with the thumb and fingers

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Once they had been taken away, we found Dr Stamp had built up a private museum of artefacts including arms and armour, cased insects, animal skulls, Roman and Egyptian pottery, and even thumb screws, a cat 'o nine tails and a chastity belt."
NOW is the time to turn the thumb screws and inflict water torture upon the innocent.
Four types are thumb screws, tightened by hand; headless set screws, tightened with a screwdriver; square-head set screws, tightened with a wrench; and socket set screws, tightened with a hex wrench.
Detention without trial, evidence obtained under torture acceptable in court as long as the thumb screws weren't applied here - a whole raft of new laws designed to make it easy to bang up the guilty and innocent with no questions asked.
The telescope is leveled using the four thumb screws that support the instrument on the mounting plate.
Size change operations are carried out with the use of quick release levels and thumb screws which allow the magazine side guides and nozzles positions to be moved to new pre-set positions.
A line of panel hardware features thumb screws, captive screws, and shoulder screws.
Keystone Electronics has introduced a line of thumb screws, captive screws and shoulder screws.
Director Bryan Forbes turns the tension thumb screws up to the limit.
Using three thumb screws, the unit's end plate, cylindrical screen and shaft-mounted paddle assembly can be removed in less than one minute, providing access to sanitize all material contact surfaces.