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murder and robbery by thugs

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The name of the dacoit leader is Minu, and Milan also tells us that the dacoits were the generic descendants of the thuggees of Rajasthan--'The dacoit movement developed from the thugee movement.
I discovered subcontinental long, long, long ago, and have used it countless times when referring to, among other things, Hindustan, Pakistan, India as a whole, Mohenjo-Daro scripts, simple Jainism, Buddhism, Thuggees, the British Raj, and the land mass called the Indian subcontinental (you know, that thing that protrudes into the Indian Ocean).
Sinclair's admirable history of terrorism, state sanctioned and otherwise, encompasses the Thuggees of 19thcentury India, the Tamil Tigers, the original suicide bombers, the Rape of Carthage and the more recent atrocities in Serbia.
The huge sweep of Sinclair's book takes in the Assassins of the Middle East and the strangling Thuggees of India, anarchists and Bolsheviks, German Nazis and Italian fascists.
In the Empire Boys' Annuals of my own British childhood, the human world was a diverse place indeed, populated by head-hunters, cannibals, Polynesian bungee-jumpers, ferocious Gurkhas, exquisitely polite Japanese, reed dwellers, cave dwellers, tree dwellers, suttees, thuggees, fellows who inserted four-inch wooden disks into their lower lips and women who elongated their necks by adding a metal ring every year.