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murder and robbery by thugs

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A total of 875 'thugee pharr' recruits joined gangs of thugs and got them arrested.
I can't share her weird hope that games televised in sports bars might turn into ecstatic rituals; the new hooliganism suggests instead Thugee. And I'm more worried than she is about a World Wide Web that promises affinity groups but delivers solitude and echo chambers; the pixels may dance, but we do not.
And, to be fair, some Thugee chanting would be a boost to the songs at most grounds.
"Westernization" of course had its positive side: the practice of suttee or widow burning, was abolished, female infanticide was slowly reduced, and thugee - the ritual murder of travelers carried out by thugs devoted to the goddess Kali - was suppressed.
The academic virus of "deconstruction" had not yet made its appearance when Gordon published his initial "Scarf and Sword: Thugs, Marauders and State-formation in Eighteenth Century Malwa," yet this was deconstruction in the best sense - an imaginative rethinking of "thugee" and a linkage of its phenomena to pre-colonial state formation.
From this place the first 'Thugee Campaign' in Punjab was launched, which ended this menace.
EVERYONE'S favourite dashing archaeologist is hired by the elders of a remote Indian tribe to find a mystic stone, stolen by the evil Thugee cult.
Afghani also founded a lodge of his Arab Masonic society in Cairo, which soon became the headquarters of what Egyptian officials called a group of "young Thugs" (a term which, at the time, alluded specifically to another oath-bound fraternity of murderers, India's notorious Thugee cult).
Most of all, I want them up on their hind legs publicly apologising to the rest of us for breeding and bringing up their very own wee thugee.
Although state line clubs such as the White Iris and the Shamrock were famously hospitable to mobsters, their hospitality toward innocent travelers was a snare like that used with such murderous success by India's diabolical Thugee cult.