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any of various small to minute sucking insects with narrow feathery wings if any

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The roles of plant secondary metabolites from cowpea floral structures in resistance to the flower bud thrips. J.
Khaskheli (2007) [22] applied botanical products for controlling thrips population on cotton found Neem oil as an effective control of thrips.
Try growing plants to attract minute pirate bugs, which are natural predators of thrips. In greenhouses, monitor thrips using yellow or blue sticky traps.
The latter genotypes represent intermediate number of thrips. The genotype VH-259 with maximum population of thrips per leaf-1 (4.77) did not show significant difference with Saeban-2001 (4.76 thrips leaf-1).
To get a closer look at the specimen, the team used synchrotron X-ray tomography at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF), focusing on the most representative of the amber-encapsulated thrips.
Increasing the use of these practices and resources to attract and support a variety of natural enemies may be the most cost-effective approach to biological control of citrus thrips.
A team from Swansea University has identified a sustainable alternative to common chemicals used to control vine weevils and western flower thrips.
All workers had been affected by the thrips. The apparent densities of thrips per [cm.sup.2] of skin on the neck, head, chest, arms and legs was determined using photographs of these areas taken at 0600, 1200 and 1800 h over 3 days and counted using stereological point-counting with a transparent sheet 10 [cm.sup.2], adapted from previous studies (5,6).
In North Florida and South Georgia, the incidence of tomato spotted wilt virus on tomato plants has been reduced by as much as 75 percent with a new plastic bed cover that reflects ultraviolet (UV) light and repels thrips.
One thrips may not carry a lot of pollen, but a big tree can easily host more than a million thrips.
High levels of resistance were observed in several lines for corn earworm, potato leafhopper, and southern corn rootworm, but not for thrips. In addition, in vitro feeding tests were conducted to estimate insect survival and weight gain for corn earworms, fall armyworms (S.
The worst of the troublesome pests was a little insect called Kelly's citrus thrips. It feeds on the skin of the citrus fruit, and the flowers, causing some $6 million worth of damage a year in Australia.