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the geometry of 3-dimensional space

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Due to its three-dimensional geometry with varying thickness, the Hele-Shaw approximation would not accurately model the (low characteristics during the ICM process of optical lenses.
The space-age learning tool is used to explain the intricate three-dimensional geometry of protein structures to biochemistry students by projecting images on to a big screen in a lecture hall.
6 is a three-dimensional geometry viewer and animation player that offers a way for users to view, analyze, and manipulate complex scenarios taken from the developer's visualization software.
In the elementary grades, plane geometry often receives more emphasis than does three-dimensional geometry.
A fundamental finding was that GSP provided opportunities to have a distinct positive affect on students' learning of three-dimensional geometry.
The main complication is setting up the right initial conditions in a three-dimensional geometry," Kapral remarks.
Understanding the non-planar, three-dimensional geometry of the mitral valve (MV) has been shown to be an important aspect regarding the treatment of mitral valve disease.
The Starlock accessory, with its three-dimensional geometry, is capable of achieving an even higher level of performance than previous systems, said Rainer Warnicki, Area Manager for Product Development at Fein, speaking about the successful collaboration.
Using data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory, Hubble Space Telescope and the Keck Observatory on Mauna Kea, Hawaii, astronomers were able to determine the three-dimensional geometry and motion in the system MACSJ0717.
They discuss how experimental results from a bone chamber are complemented with simulations of a computational model, using real geometry microCT images for reconstruction, three-dimensional geometry reconstruction, making the reconstruction of a femur with osteoporosis and modeling the effects of anti-resorptive drugs, femur behavior with an implant, the influence of different modeling factors in numerical simulations of the situation before and after hip implant surgery, modeling pre-surgery planning in dentistry and urology, evaluating knee ligament reconstruction using numerical modeling, and developing simulation platforms.
The researchers first constructed a three-dimensional geometry from a series of two-dimensional scans of the affected area.
students need more experience with spatial visualization, solving geometric problems, and three-dimensional geometry.
Tweaking the peptide's three-dimensional geometry into place presents one of the toughest tasks of protein design and synthesis.
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