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(of flora or fauna) likely in the near future to become endangered

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The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's final environmental impact study outlined several areas of concern, including trace amounts of arsenic in some rocks the pipeline would cross and potential threats to endangered and threatened species, including the bog turtle and Indiana bat.
The Animal Welfare Board tells the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India that rabbits and hares are threatened species.
However, it's possible that more threatened species are found in cities because urbanisation is a key threatening process.
Fisheries representative Glenn Tritton said: "This conviction sends a strong message that harming of our threatened species will not be tolerated.
Early research created a model based on 2000 data to forecast future threatened species connected to human population growth projections, and published the predictions in 2004.
The organisation's analysis takes the form of fact sheets per member state, presenting a detailed overview of threatened species.
If the EU continues with this plan, there is no doubt that wildlife will suffer, with the possible ultimate UK extinction of some threatened species, including the turtle dove and cirl bunting.
The five threatened species, including the shrill carder bee which is England's rarest bumblebee, have spread their geographic range in the South East as a result of environmental schemes in Dungeness and Romney Marsh.
ENJOY your traditional local while you can, because it is a threatened species.
Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dale Hall to list the polar bear as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act.
The US Fish and Wildlife Service designated rocky stream banks and privately owned land in southeastern PR as a critical habitat for a threatened species of the coqui frog, a national symbol of the island, reports AP (Oct.
They may remember that the Tasmanian State Government, together with the Commonwealth, changed the law (Regional Forest Agreement) on 23 February this year to read that the CAR (Comprehensive and Representative) Reserve system and management prescriptions in Tasmania do protect rare and threatened species.
The Interior Department proposed in December to designate polar bears as a threatened species.
Under the EPBC (Environment Protection Biodiversity Conservation) Act 1999--which governs the protection of endangered species in Australia--any action likely to have a significant impact on a threatened species needs approval from the Commonwealth Environment Minister.
Citing possible harm to Hawaii's 329 endangered and threatened species, a federal district judge has ruled that USDA violated the Endangered Species Act in permitting the cultivation of biotech crops throughout Hawaii, and the National Environmental Policy Act by failing to conduct preliminary investigations prior to approval of the plantings.