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The price in the United States fell, as a result, from its peak of $13.58 per thousand cubic feet in 2008 to an average of $4.38 last year.
This figure indicates 1,202 barrels per day of light sweet crude oil and 782 thousand cubic feet of gas per day with a flowing tubing pressure of 2,610 pounds per square inch on a 16/64 inch choke.
In a news release, Progress said it got an average gas price of $4.03 per thousand cubic feet in the second quarter but it is confident prices will rebound.
Summary: Apache reported that its WKAL-A-2X discovery tested 5,085 barrels of oil and 130 thousand cubic feet (Mcf) of gas per day -- the fourth successful exploration test in West Kalabsha Concession and the company's sixth discovery in the Faghur Basin play in Egypt's far Western Desert near the Libyan border.
Natural gas prices are expected to increase from an average $4.22 per thousand cubic feet to $5.93 Mcf in 2010 from $9.13 in 2008, according to the EIA.
Average net realized price for natural gas sold was $8.16 per thousand cubic feet for Taqa North, $10.45 per thousand cubic feet for Taqa Energy and $6.24 per thousand cubic feet for Taqa Bratani.
The company said it ended the year with approximately US$60 million in cash on its balance sheet, adding that for 2009, it has commodity derivatives in place for a significant amount of its oil and gas production at average prices of US$81.00 per barrel of oil and US$11.40 per thousand cubic feet of gas.
In light of the recent rise of oil prices to more than $100 per barrel and natural gas to $8 per thousand cubic feet and the recent judgment against MMS-imposed price thresholds, you asked us to: (1) update our scenario that illustrates the potential loss of royalties because of the absence of price thresholds in leases issued in 1998 and 1999 and (2) provide an update of the possible consequences of Kerr-McGee's legal challenge on royalties already collected and evaluate the potential for additional forgone royalties if price thresholds no longer apply to future production from the 1996, 1997, and 2000 DWRRA leases.
One thousand cubic feet of air at 75[degrees]F can hold up 1.4 pints of water.
Prices rose from $1.95 per thousand cubic feet in December 1998 to $6.44 in April 2005, increasing the cost of home heating, electricity and products such as fertilizer that use natural gas as an ingredient.
Average wellhead prices for natural gas in the United States are projected generally to decrease from $4.98 per thousand cubic feet in 2003 to $3.64 per thousand cubic feet in 2010 (2003 dollars) as the initial availability of new import sources and increased drilling expands available supply.
between $5 and $6 per thousand cubic feet," he said.
Natural gas at wholesale has surged to $6.25 per thousand cubic feet, compared with an average of about $3 last year.
The new pipeline will increase daily export capability to 26,900 thousand cubic feet, from 18,100.
In the second half of 1999, the price of gas EGPC paid to the operators under GSAs averaged almost $2.90 per thousand cubic feet, much higher than the price companies got in the US market.
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