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a branch of the Tai languages

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Thos Begbie plans to have the 2CR22 alloy in production by early 2005.
It's fingers crossed for Thos and even Tote would like him to relieve them of just under three grand.
Potential investors have been reluctant to get involved, largely due to the Law on Management and Use of Public Assets which took effect in January this year, which dictated that they must win a tender to collect toll fees on the Ho Chi Minh City-Trung Luong Expressway to fund the My Thuan-Can Tho expressway project.
According to the group's chief executive, Tho Tuck Woh, the initiative was the first of Redberry's corporate social responsibility programme for the year.
Can Tho: World Bank Country Director to Vietnam Ousmane Dione and the Swiss Ambassador to Vietnam Mdm.
Hyundai Motor has opened a facility in Can Tho City, Vietnam, Thursday, to support women from the Southeast Asian country who returned to their homeland with children after divorcing their Korean husbands.
Tho Tho cattle (Bos indicus) is a local indigenous bovine species of North Eastern Hilly (NEH) region especially in Nagaland state of India.
Tho even for them perhaps childhood comes back into view changed once in
So would I if I might, besides corr[ectin]g the Faults, change some sinister Accidents and Events of it for others more favourable, but tho' this were deny'd, I should still accept the Offer.
Response: Nguyen Huu Tho, the founder of the National Liberation Front (the Vietcong's political arm), was presented to Americans for many years as a liberal attorney, a "nationalist," without any connections to Hanoi or Communism.
''Several hundreds have been nominated for election to the committee at the coming congress, but we have decided to reduce the membership from the current 170,'' said Huu Tho, head of the committee's Ideology and Culture Commission, at a press conference held after the committee's 10-day plenum in Hanoi.