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United States writer and social critic (1817-1862)

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When the time came for discussion, I was amazed that all the other students who spoke up were sure they knew what Thoreau was up to--and they didn't like it one bit.
Among the leading figures in this movement were Bronson Alcott, Margaret Fuller, Henry David Thoreau, and Ralph Waldo Emerson, each of whom gathered in Concord, the epicenter of American literature in the mid-19th-century.
In the fourth novel in the series, A Fugitive in Walden Woods, a runaway slave encounters Henry David Thoreau and his transcendentalist circle and ponders the meaning of physical and ideological freedom.
I approach the case as a stronger student of Thoreau than of Stevenson, although I have been to Samoa, where I spent several vivid hours in and around Villa Vailima.
American philosopher and author Thoreau is one of the most profound voices I have heard.
Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862) is remembered and celebrated as an essayist, poet, philosopher, and naturalist; he was also a surveyor, historian, antislavery activist, tax resister, and teacher.
Highlighting Thoreau's work as a naturalist, a philosopher, and, particularly, an abolitionist (over a quarter of the book deals with Thoreau's thoughts on slavery, disobedience to a government that supported slavery, or John Brown), Dan and Le Roy seek to dispel the notion that Thoreau was an inoffensive pacifist, "philosopher in the woods.
HENRY DAVID THOREAU WAS CAPTIVATED BY TREES and they played a significant role in his artistic creativity, philosophical thought and even his inner life.
In response to his brother's death, says Arsi<'c, Thoreau (1817-62) developed a theory of vitalism.
Contributors include a number of distinguished scholars of American and continental philosophy, intellectual history, and literature, several of whom have written extensively on Thoreau, including Robert Kuhn McGregor, Alfred I.
Near the end of the book, just after his famous apercu about the different drummer, Thoreau retells a story from the Bhagavad-Gita (a source for many of his observations) about a man who sets out to carve the perfect staff.
Henry David Thoreau said that "an early morning walk is a blessing for the day.
Platon, teniendo esto en cuenta--lo escribio el mismo--, inicio una forma de hacer que marca el precedente que aceptan y adoptan tanto Emerson como Thoreau.
The 19th century author Henry David Thoreau may belong among the early North American philosophers.
the conference from which the volume grows was the first scholarly meeting devoted to Thoreau studies held in Europe).