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East African gazelle

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The positive result from a small resident herd of wildebeest near Olbalbal warrants closer examination of the PPRV status of migrating populations of wildebeest, Thomson's gazelle, and topi (a type of antelope, Damaliscus lunatus), which moved out of the area during April-May 2014.
Thomson's gazelle are anomalous, at least in the migratory Serengeti population, by being "hiders" that are locally abundant, whereas kongoni and warthog are "followers" that are locally sparse.
Who can't remember Robert Ruark or Ernest Hemingway or one of their myriad characters shooting a "Tommy", as the Thomson's gazelle (Eudorcas thomsoni) is oft called, for the pot or for leopard bait?
Dr Lee described Hypacrosaurus, which lived between 67 million and 80 million years ago, as the "Thomson's gazelle of the Late Cretaceous".
Huge herds of zebra, wildebeeste, impala and Thomson's gazelle were on the move, heading for the thickets where they spend the night at the watering holes.
Peak energy intake is predicted to be 20 MJ/d for an individual Thomson's gazelle. This compares to an estimated range of 8 to 12 MJ/d average realized metabolic requirements for a 20-kg artiodactyl (Konoplev et al.
figure By ANGELA OKETCH A scientist has sounded the alarm over declining wildlife populations in Kenya.The Thomson's gazelle, warthog and oryx among others are under severe threat, and they have declined by more than 70 per cent.
Using allometric relations described by Pennycuik (1979), Illius and Fitzgibbon (1994) estimated the maximum walking speed of a Thomson's gazelle to be 44.29 m/min.
He also had a gazelle, Thomson's gazelle, named after him before he died of pneumonia aged 37 and today, his name is mentioned alongside Mungo Park and David Livingstone.
Then, as I stare outside at the sun-rippled savannah - a moving tableau of Thomson's gazelles, zebras, white-bearded wildebeest and elegant giraffes - more than 30 years of pent-up excitement spills out of me in glorious, gushing sobs.
There were Thomson's Gazelles and Grant's Gazelles and Impalas and Topis.
Every year, zebra, Thomson's gazelles and more than two million wildebeest go to and from the Serengeti in Tanzania.
Noteworthy among them are the black rhinoceros, buffalo, hippopotamus, wildebeest, Burchell's zebra, eland, Grant's and Thomson's gazelles, waterbuck, cheetah, African wild dog, serval, and leopard.
A cheetah, just vanquished and spent in a race, was being seen off by a herd of Thomson's gazelles.
My guide and driver - another William - picked me up early, and immediately on entering the national park we encountered wildlife - a small group of Thomson's gazelles.