Thomas Hunt Morgan

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United States biologist who formulated the chromosome theory of heredity (1866-1945)


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The contributions of William Bateson in England, and of Thomas Hunt Morgan in the United States, are particularly significant.
In the twentieth century Hugo de Vries and Thomas Hunt Morgan used the word for different processes.
Modern genetics during the twentieth century is the primary focus, with discussion of the contributions of Thomas Hunt Morgan and Watson and Crick, molecular biology, social issues and biology, the understanding of DNA, the Human Genome Project, modern debates, and ethical issues.
In a room here in 1910, Thomas Hunt Morgan established the physical reality of a half-dozen genes, showing that a number of different genes were actually different pieces of a fly's chromosome.
Only two years later, Sutton first postulated that chromosomes were the carders of heredity, which was confirmed in 1910 by Thomas Hunt Morgan's famous fruit fly experiments.