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someone other than the principals who are involved in a transaction

a political party organized in opposition to the major parties in a two-party system

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In 2014, China's third-party offline acquiring market transaction scale dropped by 11.
The third-party payment industry led by internet payment, mobile payment, prepaid card, POS (Point of Sale), etc.
It unsuccessfully argued that the residence was first sold to the employer, then sold by the employer to the third-party purchaser.
As in the case of stale-dated checks, municipalities have been routinely providing listings of these accounts, and the third-party requesters have been submitting fraudulent powers of attorney seeking to recover these funds supposedly for the intended recipient.
Your camp insurance program may respond to some first-party and fewer third-party threats/risks.
Once the cheaper generic becomes available, the laws of most states and the pharmacy reimbursement policies of most third-party payers result in virtually automatic substitution of the generic drug when the brand drug is prescribed.
Accordingly, we believe companies are entitled to a reliance-in-good-faith defense (for employee conduct attributed to the corporation) as much as the outside "planners" and "preparers" against whom the third-party civil penalty regime is primarily directed.
This year, even Democrats and Republicans are mulling third-party candidates as alternatives to the two major parties.
The space in American politics for third-party efforts seems to have grown larger in recent years.
One of the primary difficulties in attempting to "measure" the present and future influence of third-party logistics involves varying definitions of the concept.
Building a progressive third-party movement right now is a lot more important than sending one more Democrat to Congress," says Cris Moore.
Among several issues on appeal was whether the trial court erred by holding that the owner was a third-party beneficiary of the subcontract.
Customer Satisfaction Results, Global Infrastructure and Financial Strength Drive Demand for Third-Party Maintenance and Support
com has added a new market research report: China Third-Party Payment Industry Report, 2013-2016
Under a home purchase program, an employer relocating an employee arranges to purchase the latter's home at a certain price; alternatively, the employer may contract with a third-party relocation company to administer a buyout on its behalf.
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