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someone other than the principals who are involved in a transaction

a political party organized in opposition to the major parties in a two-party system

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In addition to consolidating already established regulatory requirements concerning third-party relationship management, the Proposed Guidance highlights specific expectations concerning third-party lending and emphasizes that i nstitutions that engage in new or significant lending activities through third parties will generally receive increased regulatory attention.
Those key findings were revealed by a survey of more than 200 IT and security C-level executives, directors and managers at enterprise-level companies conducted by the newly formed Soha Third-Party Advisory Group.
The third-party custodian's sole responsibility is to report information to the IRS and from the issuer to the investor.
ORDERED that the order is reversed, on the law, with costs, and the motion of the third-party defendants pursuant to CPLR 3211 (a)(5) and (a)(7) to dismiss the third-party complaint is granted.
It unsuccessfully argued that the residence was first sold to the employer, then sold by the employer to the third-party purchaser.
As in the case of stale-dated checks, municipalities have been routinely providing listings of these accounts, and the third-party requesters have been submitting fraudulent powers of attorney seeking to recover these funds supposedly for the intended recipient.
Your camp insurance program may respond to some first-party and fewer third-party threats/risks.
Once the cheaper generic becomes available, the laws of most states and the pharmacy reimbursement policies of most third-party payers result in virtually automatic substitution of the generic drug when the brand drug is prescribed.
The proposed ethics ruling under Rule 102, "Integrity and Objectivity," would require that a member inform the client that he or she may be using a third-party service provider when providing professional services to the client, prior to sharing confidential client information with the service provider.
SAS 70 allows for the auditor of a third-party service provider ("service auditor") to issue one of two different internal control reports, commonly called "Type I" and "Type II" reports.
The AICPA's professional ethics division addressed the use of third-party providers as early as 1973 in Ethics Ruling no.
Under the best of circumstances, getting third-party candidates on the ballot is onerous and expensive.
1 of the Excise Act (ETA), the so-called third-party civil penalty regime.
With Election Day drawing near, voters complaining about their choices are looking beyond the two major parties - to Ralph Nader and other third-party hopefuls.
Ever since 1992, when the Texas billionaire Ross Perot ran for President, independent and third-party candidates for office have enjoyed a resurgence in American elections.
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