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a salt of thiocyanic acid

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A 1mL volume of 0.05 % (w/v) thiocyanide (SCN-) was added to mask copper(I) and was neutralized with dilute NH4OH.
From the data in Table 5, it is apparent that higher rates of HCN concentration disappearance, thiocyanide appearance and percentage of thiocyanide incorporation into thiocyanide during in vitro fermentation were observed in sulfur supplemented fresh cassava foliage.
The work presented here in has focused on the study of stability of solid phase oxo rhenium (V) complexes with mixed Ligands comprising of 2--mercapto pyridine, ammonia and thiocyanide.
because its activation requires the addition of a thiocyanide compound, which is recognized as unsafe for infants and children.
Thiocyanide saliva tests or CO content of expired air can be used to confirm smoking status, and exercise treadmill tests with measurement of [V.sub.0]Max can be used to confirm reported physical activity levels (Stokes, 1983).