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a type of network technology for local area networks

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Having ruled out ThinNet and ThickNet, RISD looked at a 10Base-T implementation requiring Level 3 unshielded, twisted-pair copper.
A broadband network connected three major buildings, and a number of small thicknet and thinnet Ethernets connected DEC minis and Sperry/Unisys 5000 systems, and a variety of other computers.
Both products have auto sensing 10 Base T and Thinnet Ethernet interfaces and support Frame Relay, Point to Point Protocol, SNMP and Telnet.
The little thinnet network had grown from two users to 12 over the last few years, and word processing was its primary function.
The LMR8TA can build a stand-alone 10BASE-T network or can connect 10BASE-T users to either Thicknet (10BASE5) or Thinnet (10BASE2) segments.
NASDAQ: FCSE, FCSEW) (BSE: FCS, FCSW) announced today the introduction of EtherLAN Hub 16 RM & 32 RM - repeater hubs that each feature one thinnet and AUI connector, plus sixteen (Hub 16RM) and thirty-two (Hub 32 RM) 10BaseT ports for use in 10BaseT Ethernet networks, or in mixed thin, thick, and 10BaseT networks.
The Hub 16 V includes one thinnet and sixteen 10BaseT ports for use in 10BaseT Ethernet networks, or in mixed thin, thick and 10BaseT networks.
PowerLink II can interface with any Ethernet or Thinnet (10Base 2) LAN architecture and is easy to install and configure from a PC with simple menus.