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a diluting agent

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In a minute or so the trees grew thinner, and I emerged upon a bare, low headland running out into the sombre water.
Mainwaring, who, for your comfort, has fretted herself thinner and uglier than ever, is still here, and they have been all closeted together.
TIMMY TIPTOES sat out, enjoying the breeze; he whisked his tail and chuckled --"Little wife Goody, the nuts are ripe; we must lay up a store for winter and spring." Goody Tiptoes was busy pushing moss under the thatch--"The nest is so snug, we shall be sound asleep all winter." "Then we shall wake up all the thinner, when there is nothing to eat in spring-time," replied prudent Timothy.
"I shall be much thinner before spring-time, my love," said Timmy Tiptoes, peeping into the hole.
He was even thinner than three years before, when Konstantin Levin had seen him last.
I had not seen her for some time, and I noticed changes in her; it was not only that she was older, thinner, and more lined; I think her character had altered.
As the columns of hail grew thinner, I saw the white figure more distinctly.
Water is the thinner used in water-based paint, while turpentine, mineral spirits and denatured alcohol are thinners associated with different solvent-based coatings; the liquid is used to thin the coating.
The company used thinners in its wood furniture finishing operations that contained excessive levels of volatile hazardous air pollutants, the DEQ said.
He was referring to a decision to treat Sharon with large doses of blood thinners after a mild stroke in December.
John Coles, who has learning difficulties, was covered with paint and highly inflammable thinners when Anthony Fawcett set him on fire with a cigarette lighter.
We found no significant differences between children of thinners versus non-thinners for any of the three DAP metabolites.
It seems that a large percentage of individuals with AF therefore would benefit from being on a blood thinner. How do you determine if blood thinners are too risky?
The proposed standards include the 3% VOC limit for paint thinners and multipurpose solvents from the California Air Resources Board's (CARB) Consumer Product Rule, as well as CARB's most recent VOC standards for the specialty categories of (1) Chemically Curing Sealant or Caulking Compound, and (2) Non-Chemically Curing Sealant or Caulking Compound at the following VOC levels, respectively: 3% and 1.5%.