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the longest and thickest bone of the human skeleton

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A Himalayan black bear and a thigh bone alleged to have come from the decayed body of a yeti found in a cave in Tibet, which DNA tests showed actually belonged to a bear
This bone not just articulates with the thigh bone, it also covers the knee joint's anterior articular surface.
De Lima, in an email to the Philippine Daily Inquirer in 2009, enumerated the following as the ones they exhumed: forearm bone, bone fragment, another bone fragment of a skull from site 1; bone fragment of a skull, incomplete lone bone, part of an arm bone from site 2; forearm bone, a thigh bone, skull with parts missing (the one with a gunshot mark) from site 3; arm bone, three leg bones, a thigh bone, and a long bone fragment from site 4; 107 pieces of bones and bone fragments, six vertebral backbones, two collar bones, 19 rib fragments, two arm bones, one forearm bone (ulna), one forearm bone (radius), two thigh bones, and two pelvic bone fragments.
refrigerat, frozen bone chicken thighs, bone-chilled chicken thighs, bone-frozen chicken breast, chicken breast with bone chilled, frozen chicken liver, liver chilled chicken, frozen chicken gizzards, chicken gizzards and hearts chilled turkey upper thigh bone chilled boneless turkey breast chilled in accordance with the specifications.
Israeli soldiers fired live bullets towards the protesters, injuring Moath Ata, 21, with a live bullet in the thigh bone; Ahmad Saleh, 22, in the head; Mohammad Hassan Sbetan, 18, in the thigh bone.
He suffered serious head injuries and a fractured thigh bone in the smash.
His thigh bone was shattered into more than 15 pieces and his muscles were ripped apart.
Lee Jeys, 42, the surgeon who carried out the eight-hour operation at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham in July said: "The problem was that most of Jord thigh bone had to be removed almost to the hip which would have made it difficult to fit a normal prosthetic.
Objective: To determine the effect of nicotine and camellia sinensis (green tea) on the developing epiphyseal plate of thigh bone of chick.
The hinge joint consists of the thigh bone (femur) and the shin bone (tibia) and medically is called the tibiofemoral joint.
Once the thighs are cooked, remove from duck fat and press between two lined baking trays with weight on (tinned cans work well) until cool, twist and remove thigh bone and remove gristle form either side.
The problem occurs in the femoral head - this is the rounded top of the thigh bone which sits inside the hip socket.
Bradford Crown court heard yesterday how the youngster, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was admitted to hospital in 2011 and found to have an undisplaced spiral fracture of the thigh bone.
Jambonette, made from a chicken leg with the thigh bone removed and the drumstick knuckle trimmed, stuffed with sausage meat and wrapped in a single ribbon of streaky bacon and thyme.