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genus of fungi having spherical brown perithecia and some conidia borne in chains

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Endophytic fungi such as Beltrania sp., Colletotrichum sp., Thielavia terricola, and Mycelia sterilia were found in stem.
There are no reports on Thielavia terricola as an endophyte but, the present study revealed its presence in stem and fruit samples of R.
12 Thielavia 3.846154 0 3.846154 7.69230769 terricola Total 15.38462 53.84615 30.76923 100 Table 2.
3B, which was similar to cellobiohydrolases from other thermophilic fungi, such as Fusarium chlamydosporum, Thermoascus aurantiacus and Thielavia terrestris.
Erratum to: Production of an oligosaccharide-specific cellobiohydrolase from the thermophilic fungus Thielavia terrestris.
Chaetomella, Cladosporium, Nigrospora, Pyrenocha eta, Sirodesmium, and Thielavia were found in Dendrobium for the first time.
have isolated the endophytic fungus designated INFU/Hp/KF/34B and later identified as Thielavia subthermophila from Hypericum perforatum and studied the production of hypericin, a naphthodianthrone derivative, and its precursor, emodin (Kusari et al.
On Thielavia and some similar genera of Ascomycetes.