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a port city in northeastern Greece on an inlet of the Aegean Sea

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It should be noted that abrupt departures are not a singular occurrence in Paul's experience: Paul got to Thessalonica after being asked to leave Philippi.
11) Interview with Philemon Matsebula, Thessalonica church, Lavumisa, 15 August 2013.
Plutarch singles out of the whole life of Brutus one exceptional action; his promising the plunder of Lacedaemon and Thessalonica to his troops.
The closest ports are in Thessalonica, at about 100 km from the Greek border crossing in Gevgelija, and in Durres, at about 150 km from the Albanian border crossing in Struga.
In 390, following the murder of a high-ranking general by a mob in Thessalonica, Theodosius allowed a retributive slaughter against the population of that city that left as many as 7,000 people dead.
Meno comes from Thessalonica where Gorgias--the famous sophist--has been teaching.
In the Thessalonica summit of June, the EU mentioned Serbia as a future partner of the EU, to favor the domestic political situation.
He moves from the Sahara to Algiers to Beirut to Baghdad before the film's done, and the camera periodically alights upon the Iraqi desert, Thessalonica and an urban wasteland masquerading as New York.
It was celebrated in Constantinople and Thessalonica for a hundred years until the Ottoman conquest in 1453.
44; Stemmer, 1978: VII, 5 10 Thessalonica Museo Arqueologico Despines et al.
Literature and culture in late Byzantine Thessalonica.
partners in Georgia, Greece, Turkey, and Armenia to create a 3000 kilometer-long tourist trail stretching from Thessalonica, Greece, to
These were the main complaints of the Orthodox churches, which gathered in early 1998 at a pan-Orthodox meeting in Thessalonica and threatened to leave the organization if they were not heard.
While it is true that, for a Roman reader, Corinth would be better known than Thessalonica, the journey's end for the Greek Loukios, and that Corinth combined a reputation for excess and corruption with fame as the centre for the Isis cult, it was also an important part of the Prologue's geographical (and perhaps geopolitical) trajectory.
The Greek Fathers of the subtitle could be either referring to: a) all Hierarchs roughly up to the Palaiologan era, with the pinnacle of theological thought being attributed by many to the Athonite Gregory Palamas (1296-1359, Archbishop of Thessalonica 1347-59), especially for his theology of the uncreated light corresponding to the Sixth Beatitude: "Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God," Matt.