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a fertile plain on the Aegean Sea in east central Greece

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It is these figurae that Thessalian youths gaze upon.
notions about women and magic from literature: Thessalians have special
According to him (10.8.1-5) the Ainians, together with the Ionians, Dolopes, Thessalians, Magnesians, Malians, Phthiotians, Dorians, Phocians and Locrians who border on Phocis, had constituted the original League.
Later in his reign, he visited Troy, and exclaimed: "It was the Greeks and Macedonians and Thessalians and Peloponnesians who ravaged this place in the past, and whose descendants have now through my efforts paid the right penalty." (28) The Conqueror saw himself not just as a new Caesar on the Bosporus, but also as the avenger of Paris and Hector, who inflicted the right punishment on the descendant of Achilles and Ajax.
It is established in the first scenes, where Agamemnon faces off with Triopas, the ruler of the Thessalians, whose land he has invaded.
400 BC) implied that such stony soils distinguished the character and history of Athenians with their democratic and philosophical ideals, from Boeotians and Thessalians. 'For the greater power that accrued to some communities on account of the fertility of their land occasioned internal quarrels, whereby they were ruined, and at the same time they were exposed to plots from outside tribes.
(11.) The army is composed not so much of Greeks as of Thessalians, Boeotians, Megarians, Arcadians, Achaians, Lacedaemonians, and Athenians; as such, it is a miniature image of Hellas in its rivalries and jealousies (Delebecquc 1947, 47-8).
In another dialogue Melitta asks Bacchis if she knows "any old woman of the kind called Thessalians" who "can make a woman to be loved, no matter how much she is hated before," and Bacchis refers "to a most useful witch ...
In the first volume of this work by furnishing myself with the raw material [necessary for such a study] I gathered together all sorts of chronological records and the kingdoms of the Chaldaeans, Assyrians, Medes, Persians, Lydians, Hebrews, Egyptians, Athenians, Argives, Sicyonians, Spartans, Corinthians, Thessalians, Macedonians, and Latins (who were later called the Romans)-fifteen altogether.
In the Iliad Asclepius seems to be a rather ordinary Thessalian student of Chiron who then passed on his medical wisdom to his sons Machaon and Podalirius, who themselves lead a brigade of Thessalians to Troy (2.729-33).
The pylaia ended on the last day of Apellaios, which began with the first new moon after the summer solstice.(8) The inscription is noteworthy because it lists the names of three prostateuontes, a Theban and two Thessalians. Aristagoras of Delphoi is also mentioned as one of three argurologeontes, or collector of funds for the rebuilding of the temple of Apollo.
10.23.2 as an attempt on the part of King Pyrrhus of Epirus to improve relations with the Thessalians and gain influence at Delphi (contra, Flaceliere, "Pyrrhos").
Filled with ardour, Cleomachus assembled the bravest of the Thessalians about himself, made a fine charge, and fell upon their enemy with such vigour that their cavalry was thrown into confusion and thoroughly routed.
Whether it be a moral question of the Ionians desiring to hold onto their liberty at all costs (a motivation problematized by Baragwanath) or of the medizing Thessalians pragmatically choosing the lesser evil or of Themistocles looking keenly into the future with a view either to hegemony or self-preservation (a too simplistic interpretation in the author's view), Baragwanath aims at an understanding of why these groups and individuals acted as they did.
Again, during Xerxes' campaign, a list of city-states on the mainland--the Thessalians, Archaeans, Thebans, and the inhabitants of other districts and many cities--sided with Persia.