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Synonyms for thermostat

a regulator for automatically regulating temperature by starting or stopping the supply of heat

control the temperature with a thermostat

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Honeywell, a global leader in connected buildings, announced the launch of its next generation thermostat for the hospitality industry.
According to data from Navigant Research, the global market for smart and communicating thermostats is expected to double in size, from USD 1.
This acquisition builds on our existing business with original equipment manufacturers in HVAC, giving us an expanded capability in delivering traditional and wireless thermostats, room air controllers and wireless remotes to customers such as Daikin, Fujitsu and Panasonic.
The most basic type of thermostat is the standalone smart thermostats that are controlled by either wall mounted control panels or remote controls.
The report analyst commented, "Smart thermostats collect and store huge volumes of data to sense precise customer requirements, which vendors use to conduct R&D regarding the exact needs of their customers.
Some learning thermostats also offer a "geofence" feature that tracks the location of your smartphone and operates your setback settings based on when you enter or leave a geographic radius around your home.
Sheng Liu, president and CEO of Millennial Net, said, 'The Wi-Stat IIIe truly stands out in a slew of networked thermostats.
Net/X's exclusive DirectConnect[TM] method allows users to make a direct connection to the thermostats from anywhere on site or remotely, with no need for a "cloud.
While the Nest is likely the best known smart thermostat available--especially since Google acquired the company behind it in early 2014--several other manufacturers (including Honeywell, ecobee, Hunter, Radio Thermostat, Trane and Lux) have Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostats available now as well.
However, Google won't be introducing a Nexus thermostat as it is likely to source devices from Ecobee that makes its own line of smart thermostats, the report added.
The thermostats are operated using modern, capacitive touch controls.
The California Department of Toxic Substances Control is looking for a much higher degree of compliance when it comes to collecting and recycling used thermostats that contain toxic mercury.
Unlike other feature-rich thermostats, the Nest doesn't require a dedicated power wire ("C" common wire) in 99 percent of cases, which means the thermostat is compatible with more homes than other Wi-Fienabled thermostats.
The thermostat will prevent energy loss by substituting old, mechanical thermostats which need to be controlled manually and almost none of them is usually operated.