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having the property of becoming permanently hard and rigid when heated or cured

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And unlike the injection-molded PEEK, Vespel acts as a thermosetting plastic. So, it tolerates heat better than PEEK.
(A B-staged thermosetting plastic is one that has been partially cured or polymerized and requires additional polymerization through exposure to heat to reach the final cured stage, or the C-Stage.)
The parts are a family of relay/contactor bodies that are compression molded of thermosetting plastic with fiber reinforcement.
Broekhuis and colleagues describe development of a new type of thermosetting plastic that can be melted and remolded without losing its original heat-resistance and strength.
In order to form a thermosetting plastic, a curing agent is used, and crosslinking and condensation must occur.
Another recent example is in the processing of thermosetting plastic epoxy.
In the case of the helmet shell alone, more than 500,000 kg of problematic thermosetting plastics have not been used by the company as a result of the use of environmentally friendly materials, thus protecting the environment.
Another trend of 2015 in technologies is related to the recyclable thermosetting plastics - a new kind of plastic to cut landfill waste.