battle of Thermopylae

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a famous battle in 480 BC

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6) At Therma and Thermopylai great changes of coastline have taken place: silt deposed by rivers of initially steep gradient and rapid flow has encroached on the sea faster than eustatic rise in the sea has gained on the land, and no sea currents have swept the deposits away.
If the Greek fleet had been nearer Thermopylai, then the Persians could have gone for the beaches of north Euboia, which offer the best anchorages within the straits of Trikeri.
9), and the strategy was sound enough, being consistent with what was done at Thermopylai and probably at Salamis,(84) not to mention the proposal of Demaratos (7.
It is one of a handful of natural places critical to the defense of Greece, along with the eastern pass of Thermopylai and the western passes of Kithairon-Parnes between Boiotia and the Attic-Megarid region.
45) Their simple architectural style, limited evidence for long-term occupation, and strategic placement find parallels in other strategic settings, such as the fortifications at the Dema Gap near Thermopylai and the better-built, more substantial Dema Wall between Mt.
For the sometimes acrimonious discussion of the complex fortifications around Thermopylai, many of which are very similar in construction to the walls on Mt.