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the process of changing into gas

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Secretary Cusi congratulated Bayron for having pioneered in his city the country's first thermal gasification WTE project.
This study aims to evaluate ash from thermal gasification of pig manure as a combined phosphate fertiliser and liming agent by measuring effects on soil properties, plant yield, and element uptake.
Dynamis Energy and All Way have entered into a Joint Venture for the construction and management of a Waste-to-Energy plant based on the Dynamis 3.0 Advanced Thermal Gasification Technology.
For example, the Austrian town of Gussing, considered a revitalized renewable energy boomtown, has an eight-megawatt thermal gasification plant and several district heating plants of various sizes.
BECON is the home for demonstrations of pilot-scale alcohol fermentation, anaerobic digestion, thermal gasification, pyrolysis, biodiesel production, and a super-critical fluid unit, a biomass/plastic extruder, and a fully equipped wet laboratory.