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one of two great schools of Buddhist doctrine emphasizing personal salvation through your own efforts

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This appropriation and recasting of the older Mahayana icon quickly spread through the iconography of the post-1300 Pali Theravadin Buddhism in Burma, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.
Blackburn, "Localizing Lineage: Importing Higher Ordination in Theravadin South and Southeast Asia", en John Clifford Holt, Jacob N.
From Theravadin traditions, there were 2 Thai women; (5) Ven.
21) Venerable Ajahn Chah Subhatto (1918-92) was one of the greatest meditation masters of the Theravadin Buddhist tradition in the twentieth century.
If we were, for instance, to imagine a Protestant Christian woman from the American Midwest and a Theravadin Buddhist woman from Northeastern Thailand, we would find very different defining concepts at the centers of their respective culture maps.
The Abhidharma, the earliest compilation of Buddhist philosophy and psychology, still remains the basis for both Theravadin and Mahayana Buddhism after a millennium and a half, while our modern neurology textbooks are out of date almost as soon as they are written.
The four Buddhists are Norman Fischer, a Zen lay monk; Judith Simmer-Brown, a Tibetan Buddhist academician; Ven Yifa, a Taiwanese nun who was a lawyer and who also has a doctorate in religious studies; and Joseph Goldstein, a master of Vipassana meditation in the Theravadin Buddhist tradition.
The famous Theravadin Bhikku Mahathera Sangharakchita remarks that, "The Mahayana schools have on the whole been more faithful to the spirit of the Original Teachings" (Sangharakchita 1996:117-187).
both Theravadin and almost all Mahayana Buddhists have contended not only that this transcendent reality became embodied in particular words at some point in the historical process, but further that it has again become historically actual, to some degree, and consequently effective, to some extent, in their particular lives now, and the life of their families, their community.
But there is a problem to accept that when he was 32, that year was the Wood Dog year of the 16th sexagenarian because GC has said in the very next clause of the reference quoted above states that, "that year is the 2476th year of Buddha Era according to Theravadin tradition" (lo de ni singa la'i gnas brtan sde pa dag gis bzhed pa'i sangs rgyas mya ngan las 'das nas lo nyis stong bzhi brgya don drug pa yin 'dug la).
In Thailand now we have 18 fully ordained bhikkhunis in Theravadin lineage, with some 30 samaneris.
This rationale of justifying violence may be endemic throughout various Theravadin traditions.
Contemporary Theravadin teacher Achaan Chah spoke to the issue of whether comparison is characteristic of the awakened mind:
He was trained mainly in Southeast Asia, in the Theravadin tradition.