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United States writer of children's books (1904-1991)

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19 US author and illustrator Theodore Seuss Geisel Created the children's book The Cat in The ...' what?
Dr Seuss was born Theodore Seuss Geisel in the USA in 1904 and, between 1937 and his death in 1991, published 40 books which sold half a billion copies between them - more than JK Rowling's Harry Potter books.
Benjamin Spock, Antonio Tagliente to Theodore Seuss Geisel, Matteo Palmieri to Richard Ferber, and Cardin al Silvio Antoniano to Bishop Fulton Sheen...." [p.
Seuss's real name was Theodore Seuss Geisel. He wasn't really a doctor, but a cartoonist who signed his early drawings of silly animals and birds "Dr.
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