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Theobroma processes cocoa beans to make premium cacao products for the chocolate industry.
Palavras Chave: encarquilhamento de brotacoes; especie invasiva; planta hospedeira; Theobroma cacao
Several species within the Theobroma genus have conventional or potential uses, including Theobroma speciosum Willd.
INCI: Water (and) butylene glycol (and) theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed extract Suggested Use Level: 1% (clinically tested at 1%)
Imagine a world without chocolate, that distinct and beloved confection derived from the bean of the cacao tree, Theobroma cacao.
Determinacion de las reservas de carbono en la biomasa aerea de sistemas agroforestales de Theobroma cacao L.
The overcoming of self-incompatibility barriers has been reported by the use of some procedures such as use of auxin in Theobroma cacao (HASENSTEIN; ZAWADA, 2001), application of C[O.
Oferta y potencialidades de un banco de germoplasma del genero Theobroma en el enriquecimiento de los sistemas productivos de la region amazonica.
Differences in the accumulation of sugars among varieties of Theobroma cacao have been reported (Rangel-Fajardo et al.
El cacaotero, arbol de cacao (o Theobroma cacao) es una especie arborea de la familia Sterculiaceae, nativo del tropico americano, especificamente de Mesoamerica.
Osawa, "Antioxidative Polyphenols Isolated from Theobroma cacao" Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, vol.
Theobroma grandiflorum, conhecido popularmente como cupuacu, e uma especie frutifera nativa da Amazonia brasileira e, nas ultimas decadas, transformou-se em um cultivo importante para a agricultura do Norte do Brasil (ALVES et al.
On the other hand, Geyssospermum vellosi, Pouteria guianensis, Protium decandrum, Theobroma subincanum and Licaria canella, possess higher density, justifying their elevated index recorded in the present study.