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United States jazz pianist who was one of the founders of the bebop style (1917-1982)

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Sony Legacy) In Paris, we watched a documentary about Thelonius Monk that screened after Marie Losier's film portrait of Tony Conrad, and were stunned by Monk's physicality--how, prior to sitting at his piano, he would move in ways reminiscent of an ecstatic Yoruban dancer.
The recital, at pounds 5, will include songs by John Coltrane, George Gershwin, Herbie Hancock and Thelonius Monk.
photo of Thelonius Monk under the lid of a piano at Minton's, New
Their repertoire includes many well -known jazz standards and tomorrow's programme will range from the music of Cole Porter to that of Thelonius Monk.
KEYS, STRINGS, PIPES [jazz concert by Atilla Laszlo (guitar), Lyubomir Denev (piano), Ventsi Blagoev (trumpet, flugelhorn); playing original compositions, Thelonius Monk, Miles David, Eric Satie, Bulgarian folk motifs] June 11, 7pm, hall 9
The incredible supremacy of their performance completely overshadowed the BSB Trio from the Netherlands who played some of the greatest jazz records, including Thelonius Monk, before them.
This chapter examines three jazz documentaries on Thelonius Monk, and then considers the consequences of what would happen if such a prominent African American were to emerge prominently in film.
As she works out her complex rhythms and phrases to Ani DiFranco or Thelonius Monk, "referencing" her mentors like Glover, Walker, and Medler, Dorrance is showing a new generation of dancers how to hit the floor and carry on the traditions of tap.
1982: Death of jazz pianist and composer Thelonius Monk, instrumental in the development of `be-bop'.
He named his son Lonius in tribute to another singular talent, Thelonius Monk.
Expectations have been high for the attractive, dark-haired singer from Long Island since she won the international Thelonius Monk Competition in 1998.
INFLUENCES: Thelonius Monk,Nick Drake, Radiohead PROFILE: Highly respected in jazzcircles but only now being aimed at mainstream audiences after moving to his new record label, who hope for cross-over success.
Like a Thelonius Monk piano solo, ART follows the basic notions, but meanders all over the place.
Anyone who loves all jazz from Cole Porter and Duke Ellington to Thelonius Monk and modern original compositions should not miss this tour.
By the 1940s, the space was an artistic hub attracting revelers from all corners of the city to The Dude Ranch, the hottest jazz club of its time, which hosted such favorites as Thelonius Monk, Louis Armstrong and Lester Young, among others.